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Backuptonet is rich with a lots of useful features that enable you to backup your files easy and fast.
Some of the very remarkable features are listed below:
  1. Local and remote secure server backup
  2. User-friendly, easy-to-use interface
  3. Easy file and folder selection
  4. Built-in task scheduler
  5. Intuitive backup and restore
  6. Secure shell data transfer
  Local and remote secure server backup

You can save your files in your local server/our secure remote server. While the Backuptonet executable can be used for free to backup your files to the local disk, you will be charged a small fee for backing up your files in our secure servers.

  User-friendly, easy-to-use interface

The easy user interface enables even a novice user to effectively handle the backup process. Thus the learning curve with the software is minimum.

  Easy file and folder selection

The interface is designed in such a way that the folder and file selecteion is intuitive and easy.

  Built-in task scheduler

The built-in task scheduler hepls you schedule your backup operations. Thus you can plan and schedule your backup process.

  Intuitive backup and restore

You can do both backup and restore through the user-friendly interface. You can choose intermediate or latest backup to restore.

  Secure shell data transfer

All the data transferred in between your local machine and the remote secure server is encrypted and thus is safe from malicious users/hackers.




  BackuptoNet allows you to copy data automatically on schedule from your PC to your local disks or our secure servers through secure shell encryption.
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